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Best CS:GO keyboard of 2017

Buying guide and advice

A large part of society thinks that spending a lot of money on a keyboard does not make much sense. They come from the assumption that the keyboard from the market for 10 zł are the same as those of the upper shelf. In this article we will try to answer the question “Mechanical keyboard or classic to CS: GO?”

Keys – Scale, layout, and profile.

  • When choosing a keyboard for CS: GO we should be guided by comfort. Keys should be optimally spaced and properly scaled, which is not used in market counterparts.
  • In the market keyboards all the keys are squeezed. Too little left shift and narrow space can be very annoying when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Another aspect is the altitude choice. It’s just a matter of habit, there is no specific specification of how high a particular game is.

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Type of switches

The most popular are the touch pads. The movement of the key causes a direct short circuit in the system. In the case of intensive use of 1-5 million clicks, short-circuiting problems may occur.
The second type is the mechanical buttons. They are less popular because of their higher price. Here we have a lot more durability, about 20-50mln and more squeeze. They are quite loud compared to the contact pads.

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Additional buttons and backlight.

  • Keyboards for gamers should have several or more programmable buttons that can be assigned various functions or key combinations.
  • The minimum is 5-10 macro buttons. You don’t need more if you are CS:GO player. More macros are just for the MMO, RPG and RTS lovers. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive you can use buttons to instantly buy various weapon configurations.
  • Be sure to select the keyboard that it is easy to use the macro buttons without tearing your hands.
  • For night-time brands it will be easier to highlight the lighting. Manufacturers increasingly use colorful backlight keys. Razer has scaled the competition by using the BlackWidow Chroma backlight with 16.8 million colors and illuminated key sections for a different color.

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Useful functions, response time, and keystrokes

Anti-Ghosting feature that prevents the device from locking when you press multiple buttons at the same time. This feature will appeal to MMO fans.
The N-Key Rollover function allows you to press all buttons at the same time. Only with PS / 2 connector. PS / 2 USB adapter unfortunately does not work.
Top keyboards have 1000Hz sampling rate. In experience I know that the response time in is slightly larger. The longer the reaction time is affected by the reflection of the key.
Sampling does not occur in hardware using the PS / 2 interface. As a few sentences above the adapter in this case will not work either.

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CS:GO Pro Players keyboards

Logitech G710 + Keyboard – Used by: n0thing, Semphis, shroud
ASUS Echelon keyboard – used by: flamie, dosia, AdreN
Razer BlackWidow keyboard – used by: ScreaM, shoxie

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